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About Me

Hello there!

   My name is Kassie Peterson, and I'm the person behind Webway Painting. I'm 25 and currently living in Ohio, where I was born and raised. I've always been part of the arts; whether it be music, language, painting, or gaming. I'm a cellist, a big fan of RPGs with in-depth stories (tabletop or not), and I've been painting miniatures for about three years. I first learned about tabletop gaming as a small child, sitting in on my brother's Dungeons and Dragons sessions, and frequently being kicked out for asking too many questions. Painting and gaming are hobbies which are very near and dear to my heart; they allow anyone to disappear into a land unknown and become part of something bigger. I strive to bring my passion to my painting. This means that everything I do is done with care, patience, and always with the client in mind. In short, I can be a bit disorganized with the clerical work of the job, but I won't stop working on models until both the client and I are satisfied with the level of quality.

Other stuff:

  • I'm a huge Legend of Zelda fan, Majora's Mask to be precise. If you like MM, we're already friends. 

  • I have two beautiful cats, one being 14, and the other 4.  

  • I prefer high fantasy armies over futuristic/space themed ones.


Webway Painting Miniature Painting Service

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