General Price Ranges

Reminder: In order to work through a backlog, I am not accepting commissions at this time.


All pricing is general. The larger and/or more ornate the model is, the more time it will take, and the more expensive it will be.


In order to reserve your place in the queue, a deposit of $50 toward your total will be required.


Webway Painting offers two tiers of painting quality:  Advanced, and Showcase. Advanced quality is usually only accepted under certain conditions. Pricing will not be set until the consultation period is complete.

Below are the general price ranges for each listed category, ranging from the smallest and least ornate to the largest and most ornate. Prices indicate one model or scene. For more detailed pricing, please feel free to shoot me an email!


Foot troops:                               $18-25

Medium models:                       $25-35

Large models:                           $150+

Special characters:                   $40-60

Small vehicles/cavalry:             $35-65

Medium vehicles:                      $140+

Large vehicles:                          $250+

Extra large models:  Consultation required          


Foot troops:                                 $25-35

Medium models:                         $30-45

Large models:                             $200+

Special characters:                     $55-85

Small vehicles/cavalry:                $50-75

Medium vehicles:                        $180+

Large vehicles:                           $350+

Extra large models:  Consultation required           


Build Cost

Foot Troops                    $2+


Mounted models            $5+


Vehicles/Monsters         $10-25


​Titan     Consulation required

Please request any freehand designs you may desire. Pricing will depend on size, design, and coloring.


Minimal (static sand or grass)             Free

Any additional basing requirements  $2-10+

Base Units and their Definitions

Foot Troops: Infantry units, from smaller Eldar Striking Scorpions, to larger Space Marines.


Medium Models: Generally larger and/or more oranate units, from Terminators to Centurions.


Large Models: Typically a larger single character, such as a Daemon Prince.


Special Characters: Named characters with specialized armor or sculpts, like a 40k HQ, or a small character scene.


Small Vehicles/Cavalry: Mounted or flying models, such as bike squads, Dark Eldar Reavers, or Chaos Warriors Knights.


Medium Vehicles: Generally refers to normal-sized tanks, from Rhinos to Land Raiders.


Large Vehicles: Large models such as Imperial Guard Valkyries - includes models like the Heldrake or Forgefiend.


Extra Large Models: Models which generally exceed normal battle and have extra detail, such as the Wood Elf Treeman, Imperial Knight, or Wraithknight.


Eldar Striking Scorpions
Eldar Striking Scorpions

Tabletop Quality.

Space Hulk Blood Angels Terminator
Space Hulk Blood Angels Terminator

Showcase quality.

Dark Vengeance Helbrute
Dark Vengeance Helbrute
Herald of Nurgle
Herald of Nurgle
Chaos Warriors Knight
Chaos Warriors Knight

Advanced quality.

Imperial Guard Banewolf
Imperial Guard Banewolf

Showcase quality.

Foot Troops

Medium Model

Large Model

Special Character


Medium Vehicle

Explanation of Paint Levels


Advanced: 2 shades of each color with a highlight, drybrush, wash, minimal weathering. 







Showcase: Multiple shades of each color, highlights+lowlights, object-source lighting, weathering, fine details, realistic features. Level of quality makes drybrushing and washing unnecessary. 




Advanced quality
Advanced quality
Showcase Quality
Showcase Quality

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