Current Deals

Below, you'll find special promotions and deals on commissions. Just mention the deal you'd like to take part of in your inquiry email - only one deal is allowed per commission. Notice: In order to work through a large amount of orders, I am not currently accepting all types of commissions at this time. I will begin answering a small amount of emails regarding mostly characters and large models.

General Specials

Missed emails

In an effort to provide more satisfactory service, I'm offering a discount to those whose emails and inquiries that have been lost in my inbox, and haven't been responded to. Applies to all paint qualities.

20% off orders under $300

Mostly yellow discount

This is a discount offered on models which are mostly yellow, such as Imperial Fists. Applies only to Showcase models.

15% off orders up to $300

Non-Warhammer Discount

As much as I love 40k and Fantasy, I'd love to paint more diverse models. This includes models from Privateer Press, Dungeons & Dragons, Malifaux, Reaper, and more. Applies only to Showcase models.

15% off orders under $200

Specific Deals

These are mostly just models that I'd like to paint.


I'm offering $100 off of the normal price for the opportunity to paint a Warhammer Fantasy Treeman. Applies only to Showcase models.



This is a "first come, first serve" deal for anyone wishing commission an Ork army (or just a group of Orkz). Each model you commission from me in your Ork army will have a 10% discount. Applies only to Advanced and Showcase models.

10% off each model

Krell, Lord of Undeath

This is a $20 discount for the opportunity to paint this wonderful model. Applies only to Showcase models.


Frostheart Phoenix

I'm offering a 25% discount on this model. Applies only to Showcase models.


Imperial Knight

Offering 25% off of any Imperial Knight color scheme. Applies only to Showcase models.


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